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A Book of Clouds

Clouds are never exactly the same from one moment to the next and two people standing next to each other will see different things in even the same cloud at the same moment.  These practice forms largely represent my Pure Land leanings; this niether makes them correct nor wrong.  Instead they simply reflect where I was in my spiritual journey when I composed them.


It is my sincere belief that we need more public doman practice material.  Translators often say that you do not translate out of you native language for publication and there is a good reason for that.  


My own grammar is far from perfect but often in publications we find issues with subject-verb agreement, inexplicable shifts in verb tense and nonsensical use of adverbs.  When chanting such texts ghosts of English teachers past can often interupt whatever calm one has attained at such moments.

So the basic idea is to offer material left in the public domain.  That way it becomes yours; you can correct my own typos, my sentance fragments and if you truly understand how to use a comma, I will gladly bow to your mastery.


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